Notes from Programming Rust Book

Jul 4, 2020
Tags: programming | rust | notes

Here are some of my notes from the Programming Rust O’Reilly book. I’m posting them here and in a gist on github so they’re searchable to me and anyone else who needs them.

Chapter 1

(omitted for brevity)

Chapter 2: Tour of Rust

Chapter 3: Basic Types

Chapter 4: Ownership

Chapter 5: References

Chapter 7: Error Handling

Chapter 8: Crates and Modules

Chapter 9: Structs


struct Position<'p> {
 x: & 'p i32,
 x: & 'p i32,

Chapter 10: Enums and Patterns

something like

match x {
 Ok(v) => println!("{}", v)
 Unknown(err) => println!("{}", err),
 _ => panic!("uh oh")

@ pattern matches the pattern but it moves or copies the entire value into the produced variable

Chapter 11: Traits and Generics

trait Write {
 fn write() -> Result<usize>;
trait Thing: Other {

Chapter 12: Operator Overloading

Chapter 13: Utility Traits

Chapter 14: Closure

Chapter 15: Iterators

Chapter 16: Collections

Chapter 17: Strings and Text

Chapter 18: Input and Output

Chapter 19: Concurrency

Chapter 20: Macros

Chapter 21: Unsafe Code

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