A 1.0.1 Release of js-spreadsheet

Dec 3, 2017

Nearly six months ago I released a 1.0.0 version of js-spreadsheet, a javascript implementation of a spreadsheet parser and formulas. Today I'm bumping the version up to 1.0.1! Here's a list of...

Captain's Log - a timestamped note-taking app

Sep 26, 2015

When you're writing code it's easy to lose track of what you did and when you did it. By timestamping your notes and writing them to a yaml file containing the raw text, you can keep your notes and grep them too.

Hexcraft - a hexagonal tile editor

Mar 6, 2014

After working on a similar project for my computer science capstone course at Beloit College, I became interested with 3D geometry...

Live special effects for theatre performance with the Kinect

Dec 6, 2013

Shakespeare's Hamlet opens with a scene of two sentries discovering the Ghost of King Hamlet. More often than not, the part of the ghost is played by an actor in white makeup walking on stage to deliver his lines. I approached this project....