My name is Ben Vogt, and I'm a senior software engineer in Chicago. This is a site for some of my projects, and my blog about code.

Here are some recent things:

Metrics First When Writing Go Services

May 20, 2018 blog

Build Your Own Redux for React

Apr 17, 2018 blog

Acoustic Fingerprinting Television

Feb 6, 2018 blog

Cloud Architecture with Packer, Terraform, Nomad, and Consul

Jan 1, 2018 blog

1.0.1 Release of js-spreadsheet

Jan 1, 2018 projects

Building a Spreadsheet with Formulas in Javascript

May 26, 2017 blog

A Guesser's Guide to Google Spreadsheets

May 4, 2017 blog

Procedural Terrain Generation

Nov 30, 2016 blog

Introduction to GRPC and Protocol Buffers in Go

Nov 26, 2016 blog

From IDE to binary: Developing in Golang in InteliJ

Nov 5, 2016 blog

Cluster membership with the SWIM protocol and the memberlist library

Oct 24, 2016 blog

Hexcraft - a hexagonal tile editor

Mar 6, 2014 projects